Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snake oil salesmen: Fact or Fiction?

At it's worst this disease is miserable. There is no denying this. You're life can spiral out of control very rapidly. Desperation can come upon you. You may search everywhere for something, anything that gives some relief from the vertigo and nausea.  Modern medicine can only offer so much.  But one must proceed with caution in pursuing alternatives.

It is a sad fact that some people in the world are vultures. They circle above every day just looking for the weak, and when the opportunity presents itself, they are more than willing to step in and, under the guise of helping, take advantage of desperate people.

Not all alternative methods are bad, or ineffective. Some have some scientific backing to their claims, others are just pure bunk!

This disease has been around for a very long time, and if some of these so called "cures" actually worked, the medical professionals and health remedy companies would have latched on to them years ago.

What's dangerous is the people promoting these "cures" are setting themselves up in a manner in which they claim to be able to diagnose and treat something they are not.  You cannot diagnose anything over the phone. You cannot treat someone you have never met. Even real, natural remedy specialists know this.

What makes it difficult to accept many of these "cures" with Meniere's disease is the nature of the disease itself. The disease comes and goes in a series of "attacks" and "remissions" all on its own.  There is no proven way to tell if what you did was really the reason for the attacks to slow or quit for a time.  I say this even though I have gone under some medical intervention.  Even my ENT agrees with this point in a general way when he said to me, as I asked about trying a course of supplements which some people claim to have helped, that he was not opposed to me trying them, but there was no scientific proof that any of them help. He continued by saying that Meniere's is probably the most difficult disease he has to deal with because he has seen things that in no way should help, bring relief, and tried and true treatments do nothing in patients.  He said he has had patients who have left him scratching his head for reasons on both sides, many times.

Supplements seem to be the most common way most people seem to attempt to self treat. One of the most common regimens consists of a number of different supplements that a person must remain on at all times.  The person who promotes this as a potential treatment at least has the decency to say, straight out, that it does not work for everyone.

The challenge I see with people who claim relief from this course is they still complain of mild attacks, imbalance, brain fog, vision problems, etc. But yet it "is the best thing they have ever done for Meniere's". HUH?

One of the most bizarre claims I have seen is from a man who can "cure" you by sending "healing energy" over the phone. Call me a cynic, but yeah, I don't think so.

There have been people who "give" away the cure for free, yet ones who try it are still on social media and none of them are talking about being cured.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of doing natural remedies and I certainly hope people who do try some do get legitimate relief.  It just shows that now, more than ever, it is a case of  Caveat emptor- let the buyer beware.

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